Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I really want to blog.  I really, really do.  I follow so many blogs it's embarrassing. The really embarrassing part is that I think I know these people.  Most of them I've never met, and when I talk about a blog post to a real-life friend, I refer to the said blogger as, "My friend posted this..."  Yeah, I've never met them.

Anyway, this is my 168th attempt to re-start my blog.  Hopefully I can be more consistent enough to satisfy readers, if there are any.

The Delph family has had many changes in the past few months. We used to live in South Dakota and now we don't.  However, we are very happy to be back home in Indiana after seven long years of living away.  We moved to Josh's hometown of Tipton, Indiana. I've always wanted to live here, even when I was growing up and didn't know Josh!


I love the Tipton County Courthouse.  It's like stepping back in time.  Ellie calls it Hogwarts. I love that she calls it that.

We moved back to Indiana due to a ... let's call it a major "change" in Josh's career.  (Don't worry, nothing scandalous or any illegal activity to be announced) An extremely unexpected change.  We left for vacation on August 12th to go to Indiana to do the 2012 Delph Family Tour.  We were gone for 10 days.  10 days after that, on September 1, we were moving a 24 foot U-Haul with me following behind in the family car making the 16 hour drive back to Indiana with no idea of what lie ahead.  I can't go into much detail of what happened in the 10 days between us arriving home from vacation to moving "home" back to Indiana.  It's a new start for us.  After a few months, Josh found a job as a web/packaging designer!

Ellie and I were able to visit him at his office one afternoon.  He has lots of windows and works in a great location!  And the commute isn't bad from Tipton, either.

I also found a part time job and Ellie is loving school and making new friends, although she misses her life in South Dakota very much.  Thanks to modern technology, she has been able to spend time with her friends via Skype and texting.  Yes, we let our 10 year old have a phone.  Don't judge me.

We still don't know the major details of what lies ahead for us.  For now, we are living with Josh's grandparents until we are able to find a home of our own.  It's tight quarters, but they are so gracious and we are so blessed that we all get along wonderfully.  It could be a lot worse.  I'm grateful for their generosity and hospitality.

I feel like I've been down this "change" road a billion times before and I should be used to it by now, but I'm not.  For some reason it's different this time.  I feel different, free somehow... and excited.  Mostly excited to be home with my family.  I've missed them something fierce, and now they are just down the road.  And I'm not shy about my obsession with Indiana sunsets and sunrises...

Who wouldn't love waking up to this every day?  I've said it everywhere we live, there is nothing prettier than an Indiana sunrise or sunset.

'Til next time... hopefully less than a year.

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