Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bowling Alley Supper

Ellie's Wednesday night Kid's class had a party at the bowling alley last night. We had to be there earlier than normal class time, and I was thinking about supper and how little time we would have to eat. Then my friend at work told me there was a great restaurant in the bowling alley! Wha?! Where I come from, all you get is beer, Tostinos pizza, and maybe some cold nachos. I was so pleasantly surprised by this quaint little place!

I got the pork tenderloin, a old favorite of mine. Talk about homemade goodness!

And the best part of all... the one tried and true amenity to a great restaurant... they serve breakfast ALL DAY! Ellie thoroughly enjoyed her pancakes!

Josh and I may have just found our new lunch date spot!

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